by Kenny Drysdale
is a wonderful poem which involves practical ethics.
Kenny Drysdale, a proud Canadian has been blessed with a love in his heart for all humanity, he has been active in a life role of a humanitarian. Whatever he can do to help, to lend a hand and to share some wisdom in hopes he can leave his mark on this world. In hopes he will leave it a happier place.



In this world, together
We often feel we are alone
Separate, a narrow mentality
What is mine is mine

Pretending you are glowing
When you are truly unknowing

What is yours is yours
Is it? What makes it yours?
Just because you had the talent
Or the fame, the knowledge possessed
What makes it your knowledge?
It isn’t! It is the world’s
Knowing what you know
It is just learned, to be fortunate
To the unfortunate
We should help more

Pride of oneself, floods the senses
Invades the heart of hearts
Following the river along the journey
We can not do it alone, apart
A deep yearning to connect
Let not material detach the soul
The no longer are we whole

What is mine is yours?
A family unites
Mountains and seas
In the face of the sun and moon
We must reflect the beauty
When we find out the moral duty

Let us take the fruit of our hearts
Spread it across every place
Give the light we have been given
Since the day of our birth
While we live on earth
The moral compass points
The one above anoints

Fear is the unknown, let us all know
The fear dies, Let us all unite
Because we all need love
We all need help sometimes
It is ok, there is no place for shame
Truly there is really no one to blame
As we all fall off the waterfall
Plunging into the pond, we’ll call
Now is never too late, to listen.

No one is our enemy, only the darkness
Within, the shadows of the heart
Bestowed to be controlled
Wading through the river of life
Into the sea of knowledge
Let us all swim together
Liberating the beauty of all
What is mine is yours
There is always more