Highly sensitive poetry on man and his condition from our Fellow Rawle Iam James (Canada)


no longer searching

looking for the path

to knowing thy self

on the back side of a reflection

the adventure continues

beyond the image in the mirror

to love me from the inside out

as I dance with the naked truth

I am not an idea

but the imagination of one breath

an inhale of divinity as my pen

floods my heart with rainbow ink

into the forest

deserted minds exhale false pride

souls redeemed by the sacred waters

in the tranquillity of an oasis morn’

Truth Rains

in the annul of a thought that lingers

a wish of gratitude is planted in a whisper

as it readies for flight on swirling winds

yesterday awoke in tears from a scream

nostalgia floods her guarded memories

as time appears lost in the ancestral fires

out of the equatorial dance of life’s flame

tortured souls flicker above the embers

awaiting to Phoenix out of a sage smudge

free to wander through an orange sunset

clouds converge in a mystical twist

as truth rains the ethos upon the horizon

Six Feet of Loneliness

I was lost in the resistance

feeling trapped in six feet of loneliness

Old expectations burdened my soul

as anxieties bombarded my feelings

Within the lies of a victim’s redemption

shame flowed to bully idle thoughts

exposing the depths of my suffering

Clarity built a bridge to being found

no longer am I a slave in a lost revolution

I bathe in the muddy waters to free my soul

as I harness my hopes beyond limitation

I continue beyond the grasp of my karma

as I no longer feel trapped

in six feet of loneliness

Rawle Iam James
Poet/Spiritual Guide/Cultural Activist

Know You Are LOVE

You send me
to the universe within
to Love’s divinity
the soul of my soul
to where Possible lives
(From the poem You think you know)