LESLIE D. BUSH is our World Ambassador from New Zealand. He is a great lover of peace. He says: I believe that humanity as a state of being is a challenge. To do what is right and proper is a choice and a discipline. This is a theme of my poetry.


Questions. Questions. Questions. Such as
Do you like being alive? Do you like our planet?
Would you prefer if we all could live harmoniously?
Be truthful. Speak your mind. I predict there will be

A sizeable percentage would answer,” No”, or, “it depends”
To whom the ideas of peace, cooperation and tolerance are a myth
To cover taking away individual freedoms and choice; a socialist nightmare
Could I debate with them? Probably not. They have their tribe, they assume

That I have mine. So, if that’s the situation, how can we discuss any question
Without it ending in violence? Global Warming is such a topic’ Talk about it
In general terms, until it impacts directly on our economy, then put on the brakes
Our minds are closed, our ears, decoration. What was that, some sort of declaration?

The problem, or solution; “we” = all of us, share the same planet.
We might treat it differently; a garden or a cesspit. Profit? I’ve heard of the word
Also, heard cautionary stories regarding the effects of over-indulgence
Is it not reasonable to say that making a profit is an acceptable thing

And that making an excessive profit by destroying the earth is not! Yes? No?
There we have an important question. “Is making an excessive profit by destroying
the Earth acceptable?” Should we say, “No”? Then the next question.
”Is making an excessive profit by destroying the Earth morally or ethically

Justifiable?”. A parade of the old jaded, faded arguments.
This is an unwinnable war. The rights of the individual vs the rights of the collective
The two are linked by an umbilical cord. The “Haves” (and we’re gonna keep it)
Vs the “have nots” (we only want our share). The planet keeps turning

Should we, if we, decide about the future of the planet
Maybe we could discuss a small matter of peace

Forever, an optimist; I hope so

Leslie D Bush
© 30 April 2022


“Your personality is a moral issue.
We are obligated to be better human beings”.
The two sentences appeared in an email,
I received. Caught my eye. Caught my attention.

“We are obligated to be better human beings”.
In the chaos of the modern world, is there any question,
Any doubt? Maybe there is; free will and modern conservatism
Make an ugly mix. People are angry about being angry

About being angry. We get your point. Being angry
about being angry about being angry! Got it.
So much misdirected, needless anger is unhealthy
And bad for the blood pressure (I am told).

That’s half the question, the ‘we are obligated” bit.
What are we obligated to do, work on; personality?
Wait, slow down; let’s get this in context!
Statement 1: Your/our personality is a MORAL ISSUE!

Statement 2 We are obligated to be better human beings.
Do I consider myself to be part of the moral crisis;
Is there one? The collective pronoun, “we” is used;
You aren’t fooled; it’s getting personal; very personal.

For the past forty years plus, society (meaning we)
Have embraced selfishness; artfully packaged of course;
Neo-liberalism; worshipping the free market
(as in a free market economy). We? Some of us.

Then along came Covid 19; toppled everything on its head.
Economics 101 became “how do we deal with this”?
The problem of a free-market economy is its inequities;
Its yawning gaps in the distribution of wealth.

Is addressing this discrepancy something we must face,
If we are “obligated to become better human beings?”
The answer is “yes”. Is war a crime? This came up
During the Nuremberg Trials – and was quietly shoved aside

(Political sensitivities). I. Who we are, is a moral issue
(How else do you define personalities?). 2. Our obligation
to be better human beings. Shouldn’t this become a topic
of major interest? Considering the money spent on wars

and war machines; the destruction; the refugee crisis it causes.
Is war a crime? Is making war, a crime? For the sake of peace;
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!. For the record’ Is the subject up for debate?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

So, my friends, the topic has been tabled and is open for
(constructive) debate.

1. Is our personality a moral issue?

2.Are we obligated to be better human beings?
Let the discussion begin.