The University will be absolutely unconventional in the sense that it will not follow the prevalent regimes in matters of course curriculum  etc. In a way, it is an institution which will run in the reverse direction for the corporate world. The modern people think shrines are enough to give us directions in morality. Where is the need for such an organization? Particularly, when there is no official push up behind it. No grants. No patronage.

Those who think like this are not off the mark. The godly stuff of which our scriptures talk, this world of competition has drained out of  our veins. All of us want to live long, and live beautifully. Beauty is a concept ingrained in human mind. Cars, buildings, posh localities, high living are prosperity, not a definition of beauty. It is time we learn  how we can join gods in the creation and preservation of beauty on this planet.

Success is not the ultimate goal of humanity. Goodness is. How to take this U-Turn?



  • This organization can be looked upon as a start up.
  • Profit is not our mission. Service to humanity is.
  • We propose to  use the digital devices to spread our message across the globe.
  • As our target audience is world wide, zoom and google can serve as our class rooms.
  • Once established, we can run courses in ethics, by aligning with universities across the globe.
  • We have a dream that govt jobs should be given to people having 6 months diploma in ethics from this university.
  • Such a provision can direct the attention of the world towards value-based living, which is the purpose of this entire exercise.
  • We are in touch with a few universities and may seek affiliation also.
  • We can nurture expertise also, in a way,  produce ethical supervisors  who will teach the students in schools and colleges.
  • Ethics has to be a full-fledged subject.
  • We shall be selling happiness in a world which believes in selfish – culture.


SEMINARS/WEBINARS/ON-LINE ONE TO ONE CONNECT/EXPERTISE will be extensively used to reach wider audiences across the earth.

  • CREATIVE IMPULSE: A Journal of The International Academy of Ethics will be in place soon with ISSN No.
  • Publication unit will take care of the publications which can help in realizing our dreams of an ethical universe.
  • Our target audience is the upcoming youth and universities and it will be our attempt to ensure that the Universities start teaching ethics in their department.
  • We also want to promote the study of literature in every class, every discipline, so that students get connected to the stream of life.
  • Arts will be in focus so that we are able to create human being are balance in mind, body and soul.
  • The university wants to offer a new narrative to human life, which is focused on human love, compassion, goodness and beauty.
  • All questions by students and other readers will be answered by our Experts.
  • WE will offer incentives/scholarships for research in selected areas.
  • Our major emphasis will be on creative pursuits.
  • We seek your active support and partnership with our ideals.