Ethics: A New Brand of Enlightenment


The ethical way of life is the best game in town because it transcends above all narrow definitions of life. Once,we get into an ethical mode of life, we are liberated to the core from A to Z. The idea of ethics is not bound to the thought processes of outstretched or worldly nature rather it stands tall crossing all barriers and boundaries. The concept of ethics takes human beings to live a life of holistic wellness. The things that divide us in this world can be put in the back burner, if we dwell upon ethics of clear-cut reasons, logics and facts. The ethical way of life never promotes discords but concords, it never roots for confrontation but peace and tranquillity, it never countenances divisions but unity, it never encourages discriminations but cooperation and collaboration, it never approves injustice but subtle stream of justice, it never moves towards the direction of inequality but equality for everyone, it never travels through the path of untruths but truths of discernible nature, it never participates in tyranny but harmony, it never gives its thumbs up to conflicts but serenity, it never builds up walls of restrictions but open spaces of freedom, it never leans towards over materialism but compassionate treatment, it never inclines towards religious fantasticism but refined and cultured behavioural patterns, it never gravitates towards segregations and fragmentations but cohesive functioning of the society, it never gets bowled over by worldly possessions but remains intact amidst many forces pulling it at different directions and it never stoops to conquer but stands upright to face upto the manifold challenges of life. So, ethics can be termed as something unique when it becomes the epitome of the governance system here on this Earth.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil
Kuravilangad,3rd April 2023©®